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Stock Trading Simulator

Stock market simulator is a stock trading simulator to practice your trading skills. Our stock chart simulator uses historical market data to generate random chart and stock data so that you can predict whether the stock will go up or down. Your account starts with $100,000.00 play money, and you have the option to buy or sell a stock based on the chart. When you make the correct decision, your account will grow. Your account will decrease when you make the wrong decision. You have the option to skip the trade for charts that you don't like. When you are unsure about a stock chart, you have the view option to see how a stock perform without buying or selling the stock. Start practice stock trading and improve your trading skills with the historical stock market simulator now.

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Stock Simulator

Stock trading simulator is best used by swing traders and day traders to learn technical analysis and trading skills. Long term investors will not find the stock simulator useful because it ignores all the fundamental data, and focuses only on stock chart and trade setups. For short term traders, this stock market game provides a good way to practice your stock picking skills and learn some basic trading strategies.

Paper Trading

Paper trading is a good way for stock market beginners to learn how the market works without risking real money. For beginners, we recommend you to spend at least three months paper trade the stock market before you open an trading account with a stock broker and trade with real money. Also, keep in mind that trading dynamics is different between paper and real money trading. There are many other factors involved in real money trading such as psychology and money management skills that you need to learn. Even if you are successful with paper trading, there is no guarantee that you will make money trading with real money, therefore you should trade only with the money that you can afford to lose.

Virtual Stock Exchange

Many stock brokers such as OptionsHouse offers a virtual trading account which allows a trader to practice their trading skills with real stock exchanges. The only differences between the real trading account and virtual trading account is that you are not investing with real money, everything else are the same. You will see the real stock market quotes and prices. Practice with a virtual trading platform is more realistic than paper trade on your own.
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Stock Market Simulator App

Our stock chart simulator is available in the play store, you can download the stock simulator app for free. Our Stock Market Game app is a good tool to test and practice your trading skills. The stock market simulator uses historical market data to generate random chart and stock data. You will then judge based on the candlestick chart and the volume chart to predict whether the stock will go up or down. The app is very similar with our web base trading simulator that you see on this website.

Trading Software

MarketClub is a web based trading software that allows traders to scan for stocks using their Smart Scan and Trade Triangle Technology, advanced stock charting tools which allows you to draw trend lines, Fibonacci retracements, and much more.

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